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Fincas Van Camp
Fincas Van Camp slu.
Fincas Van Camp slu.
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Real Estate Agency at Peniscola

Put your trust only in the real profesionnals

We want to help you find the property you've always been looking for. So we offer a complete list of real estate for sale or rent in the area of PEÑISCOLA.

Fincas Van Camp slu is a complete estate agency based in the area from PEÑISCOLA. Our agents are specialized in the buying, selling and renting of properties and they always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers in a punctual manner. We guarantee personalized attention and service.


For, more than ten years Fincas Van Camp is established in Peñiscola on the main street. Our company has always given a service with the outmost possible professionalism. For this reason, management decided to take the title of Real Property Agent (API) at the College of Castellón, thus giving the maximum guarantee to our customers.


We assist our clients from the beginning of the proceedings to the end, looking at the possibilities of funding, periodic inspection of the property (Total Comfort), insurance, etc.. All these services are available in several languages ​​including Spanish, Valencian, English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

Real Estate Agency, Peniscola, Spain

Further information about Peniscola

is located north of Valencia, in a privileged spot at the Spanish Mediterranean. The old town, a castle-fortress of the XIV century, which was build by Pope Benedict XIII, occupies a large rock that rises 64 meters above the blue sea, connected to the mainland by a strip of sand that was long ago swept by waves during storms, turning the city into an island. In contrast to the old town are the new streets and avenues of the touristical area. The waters are shared by the vast sandy beaches north of the citadel and beautiful coves flanked by steep cliffs in the south.


In the wide promenade along the beach, with palm trees, you will find cafes and restaurants, kiosks and shops. Everything you need for your comfortable and pleasant day at the beach is .


In the South coast lies the Sierra de Irta., A natural area that is a mountain range in the presence of natural and ethnological values for which they define it as the last virgin mountain chain at Valencia.

Peniscola, Costa Azahar, Spain
Castle of Peniscola
Real estate, Peniscola

Fincas Van Camp
Calle La Cova 1, Local 2


Telefono: +34 964 48 97 00


Agencia Inmobiliaria

Fincas Van Camp, Peñiscola

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Lunes - Sabado :      10.00 - 13.30

                                    17.30 - 19.30

Domingo                   Cerrado


Montag - Samstag :  10.00 - 13.30

                                     17.30 - 19.30

Sonntag :                    Geschlossen


Monday - Saturday : 10.00 - 13.30

                                      17.30 - 19.30

Sunday :                       Closed


Lundi - Samedi :          10.00 - 13.30


Dimanche :                   Fermée


Lunedi - Sabato :         10.00 - 13.30

                                       17.30 - 19.30

Domenica :                   Chiuso



Maandag - Zaterdag : 10.00 - 13.30

                                        17.30 - 19,30

Zondag :                         Gesloten


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